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Alistair is a werewolf. He is the brother to Allie and Sage. He, like Allie, has a large family.


Alistair has black hair that hangs in his face and green eyes. He has a large upper body build. His wolf form is a large black wolf with lupine green eyes. When young children meet him they describe him as 'scary'.


Alistair is extremely protective of his family and close friends. He wins every fight he's in. He is very serious, but only when he's around Allie, Jacob, Jasper, and Cody will he be playful.


When Alistair was only five years old his parents gave birth to his sister, Allie. At first he hated her, and made friends with the wrong crowd as a rebellion against his parents. This crowd included Darin, Xylon, Ryan, Jacob, and Jasper. He and Jacob- his long time friend- start feeling they've made the wrong choice when Darin starts beating Allie and Jacob's younger brother, Jarret.

To keep Allie alive, he pretended he had no problem with what Darin was doing to her. Until Allie is kidnapped and used as a slut for Darin and his buddies. Alistair realizes if he wanted to save Allie he would have to become a werewolf, like Xylon, Ryan, and Jasper were. He finds a girl who Darin had talked about before, and attacks her. She turns wolf and bites him, inserting her venom. Alistair is left paralyzed in the woods for several hours before he can get up.

When he finally gets to where Allie is being held he finds they had drugged her and taken off all her clothes. Concerned she had lost her virginity to one of the men, he takes her to a doctor where it is stated she was not raped, just molested. Alistair falls asleep that night and leaves Allie at the house while he and Jacob wander the neighborhood. When they return Alistair finds his sister a crying mess in her room. Jacob goes to run to her, but gets shot in the shoulder by Darin, who is hiding in Allie's closet. The gun is aimed at Alistair and Darin threatens if he ever disobies him again he will rape and make Allie the 'gang slave.'

While they wait at the hospital for Jacob to get treated, Allie confides that Darin raped her, but she wasnt supposed to tell. Angered, Alistair calls Jasper and explains the situation, where a plan is made for Jacob, Alistair, and Allie to leave town while Jasper handles his brother. While they pack Tony, one of Darin's friends, grabs Allie and takes her to Darin.

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